What Is The Enneagram?

By Ian Isaiah Ding|Enneagram Personality Types

TMR Enneagram Circle

The Enneagram allows us to be better aware of who we are – the reasons behind why we say, feel, and do certain things. If properly administered, the Enneagram is a great tool for achieving personal mastery, sales mastery, communication mastery, and for improving relationships as it allows you to accept yourself and accept the other party. It is also a fantastic tool for managers who are keen on better managing and improving cohesion between their team.

The Enneagram is a geometric figure that delineates the nine basic personality types of human nature and their complex interrelationships. In a nutshell, the nine types are:

Type 1, codenamed Perfectionists are –
Principled, self-controlled, meticulous and aims for perfection.

Type 2, codenamed Helping Givers are –
Kind, generous, people-pleasing, and sensitive to others’ needs.

Type 3, codenamed Super Achievers are –
Adaptive, energetic, driven, and image-conscious.

Type 4, codenamed Individualists are –
Expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and emotional.

Type 5, codenamed Brainiac Observers are –
Perceptive, secretive, curious, and introverted.

Type 6, codenamed Loyal Skeptics are –
Engaging, responsible, anxious, and loyal.

Type 7, codenamed Enthusiastic Adventurers are –
Spontaneous, versatile, optimistic, and forward-thinking.

Type 8, codenamed Bossy Challengers are –
Self-confident, decisive, wilful, and direct.

Type 9, codenamed Peacemakers are –
Receptive, reassuring, agreeable and supportive.

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The 9 Enneagram Personality Types!
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