14 Signs You’re An Enneagram Type 2

By Ian Isaiah Ding|Enneagram Type 2

There are 9 points in the Enneagram which symbolizes the 9 different personality types, and this post will feature the 14 signs that you could be an Enneagram Type 2!

Known for being loving, helpful and always giving, you may be a Enneagram Type 2 if you identify with most of the following:

  1. You tend to always put others before yourself
  2. You greatest strength lie in always wanting to be of help to others…
  3. …But others always take advantage of you :(
  4. You absolutely love it when people show appreciation for what you do, even though you may some times deny it and say, “No need lah, it’s okay…”
  5. But when people really do stop thanking you, you’ll remember it for good and keep that incident in your heart (*Sigh* “You didn’t thank me anymore….why… *sobz*”)
  6. Freedom matters a lot to you and you cannot be restrained to just one friend
  7. You tend to change yourself and alter your behaviour in order to be loved by another and suit to their needs
  8. You always seem to be able to understand and know how people feel
  9. People always go to you for help and you love it
  10. You feel that to be needed by others is to be loved by them
  11. You tend to give more than you receive
  12. You are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others
  13. It doesn’t matter how close you are – as long as a person needs help, you will do your best to help them
  14. You generally find it hard to receive gifts, but if you really do need to accept it, the gift doesn’t have to be too expensive (because, after all, it’s the thought that counts)
Just For Laughs Enneagram Type 2Type 2 always giving, other types always taking... #lol

How many of the above did you feel matched who you are? Or maybe it matches your friends/ loved ones? Take the Free Enneagram Test to find out what’s your Enneagram personality type!

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