11 Signs You’re An Enneagram Type 4

By Ian Isaiah Ding|Enneagram Type 4

There are 9 different personality types which are symbolized by the 9 points on the Enneagram, and this post will feature the 11 signs that you could be an Enneagram Type 4!

Known for being emotional, expressive with a love for being unique, you may be a Enneagram Type 4 if you identify with most of the following:

  1. You love being different and having your own unique style
  2. Being artistic or creative in your own way comes naturally to you
  3. You are attracted to the deeper meaning in things and in life and you constantly seek it
  4. You concurrently see yourself as uniquely talented and flawed in one way or another
  5. You have tendencies for mood swings, often swinging towards the melancholic side of things (sometimes feeling sad for no reason but enjoying it nonetheless)
  6. and other people cannot understand why you feel this way, causing you to feel socially awkward or self-conscious
  7. All you want for is to connect deeply with others and speak to their heart, to understand their emotions and very simply just connect without any ulterior motive
  8. You tend to believe that the grass is greener on the other side
  9. You find it difficult to let go of the past that hurts
  10. You are sentimental and tend to “hoard” things that are related to memories both good and bad
  11. You will appreciate that throughout the entire “xx Signs You May Be An Enneagram Type x” series, the Type 4 article heading is the only one that is unique with similar double digits (i.e. 11 Signs) with all 11 signs starting with a bolded letter…
Just For Laughs Enneagram Type 4How the unaware view Enneagram Type 4s... JUST FOR LAUGHS #lol

Did these 11 points connect with you? Or maybe you feel that this describes your friends/ loved ones very well? Take the Free Enneagram Test to find out what’s your Enneagram personality type, and maybe even share it with your friends so you can feel them better too!

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